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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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February Feelings – Relieved

February 19, 2016 | Comments Off on February Feelings – Relieved

February Feelings - Relieved - #NVC

With intermittent internet service, I’m struggling to get these blog posts published and shared, but I’ll keep trying! Thank you for sticking with me as we round the bend into the final full week of February.

Today I drew the Relieved GROK card.

February Feelings - Relieved - #NVC

The dictionary defines relieved as feeling reassured, and no longer distressed. Relief may elicit an audible sigh, especially if we’ve been breathing shallowly with anxiety. We might feel relieved when we get test results, or when a loved one returns home. Relief may be accompanied by other feelings, like happiness, or thankfulness. 

When I first began learning Nonviolent Communication, and working with GROK cards, I didn’t understand why there were cards for both needs-met feelings, and needs-not-met feelings. Why would I work with the cards if I was feeling well, with my needs met, and my heart full of encouragement and delight? Weren’t the cards a tool to use when overwhelmed with difficulty?

I’ve learned that while it’s challenging living with the symptoms of mental illness and chronic pain, I can work to reframe my struggles. Naming my feelings, even the needs-met, “good” variety, helps me paint a complete picture of my life. Pain is here often, but so are passion, delight, and relief!

A balanced, healthy mindset requires a large emotional vocabulary. I’m learning right alongside you with these February Feelings posts, and I’m grateful for the company. <3

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