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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Baby, I’m Amazed (A February Feelings Post)

February 29, 2016 | 2 Comments

February Feelings - Amazed - #NVC

We made it! The final day of February has arrived. I’ve written about randomly drawn feelings every day this month except for Valentines Day, and I feel accomplished to have met my goal. 🙂

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Today I drew the Amazed card.

February Feelings - Amazed -

The dictionary defines amazed as greatly surprised; astounded; suddenly filled with wonder. Wow! What a feeling! It’s an open chest, arms flung out type of feeling, and very welcome in my life. I might feel amazed when I accomplish something, or when I witness someone I care about accomplish something. I might feel amazed by nature’s grandness- a roaring waterfall, a towering mountain. I might feel amazed by the tiniest things- a crocus blooming in snow, a rainbow cast by a prism.

In our trial-filled world, isn’t it a relief to experience emotions like amazement? The lows can be deep, but the highs are level with the stars. To live a fully engaged human life means to be vulnerable. When we allow life to hit us square in the chest, we risk pain, but also invite beauty.

This month we’ve discussed feelings like disappointment, envy, and anger. We’ve also touched on hopefulness, joy, and delight. All our feelings are valid, and serve to rouse us to our needs.

Practicing Nonviolent Communication is a vital part of my healing journey. I’m grateful to be learning about my feelings and needs, and overjoyed to have company. Thank you. 🙂

February Feelings - 29 Days of Exploring Feelings with GROK Cards - #NVC #nonviolentcommunication

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  1. This seems such an appropriate card for your final day! Wow. So much wow! I have enjoyed these thoughtful posts allowing moments to stop and think closely about how each of these feelings presents within me.

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