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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Chronic Pain

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Courage is Contagious! The Value of Shared Humanity

Courage is Contagious! The Value of Shared Humanity by #courage #sharedhumanity #vulnerability #authenticity #resilience

This week I was in contact with several people facing difficult times. Awful appointments, trying therapies, and painful procedures. Cringe-worthy conversations, angst-filled anticipation, and some things left unresolved. Whew. Makes me tense just typing all of that. The end of July demanded our resilience, and damn, don’t you just want to rest?… Continue reading

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The (10 second) Practice of Dropping Judgement

For just a moment, drop judgement. Allow “I should be” and “I shouldn’t be” to fall from your shoulders. Don’t worry. Gravity will hold you. You will not float away!

What’s left, beneath the ruminating, is you- in realtime. Maybe you’re hurting. Dropping judgement won’t take away pain, but it will remove a piece of the struggle.… Continue reading

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Now, We Cope

Now, We Cope - A Resilience poem by

Struggling to hold on
Not sure where the strength comes from

A humble collaboration of reaching out
And seeking within- curtsy from the load

Every manner of pain, born by every bone
Encased in skin- clasp pearls and heart

There are times of healing and moving
Recovery seems promised and near

There are times of clinging
Until nails un-bed and knees hit dirt

These are the times we bear
What we cannot bear

Now, we cope


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The Unbroken – A Poem for Endometriosis Awareness

This one’s for The Resilient
The women whose bodies
Endure such pain
And such loss

WE are The Unbroken

The Unbroken - A poem for Endometriosis awareness by #spoonie

This frog inspires me from its perch in the office where I do pelvic floor physical therapy, which helps me fight back against Endometriosis.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Endometriosis affects 176 million women around the world.… Continue reading

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What Am I Brave Enough For Today?

Morning light greets my eyes and I think, “what am I brave enough for today?” It is my first thought, my prevailing thought, and the one that will see me through an anxiety-filled day. I have high cortisol and hormone imbalances in part due to chronic pain and endometriosis. Every day brings challenges as I try to function well with fight-or-flight level stress.… Continue reading

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

I just wrapped up a week full of ups and downs. I imagine we all did. Today I’m expressing gratitude for some moments captured on camera, as my Sunday morning Gratitude Practice.

I am grateful my body is getting stronger, and I have learned stretches and exercises from my Physical Therapist (who I’m freakishly grateful for!!!) which enable me to go on hikes and stay on top of the pain.… Continue reading

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I live a half-life
And it’s not enough
It’s not enough
I hear words like
Up for I want to reach
Higher heights not
Be dispelled to
Lower lows and
Who knows
If I’ll ever
Switch over
To an optimistic perch
Or stay
As I am
On this negative bent
As I march along
An inevitable
Return to dust

But first
The half-life


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