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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Empathy Takes Education and Effort

Empathy Takes Education and Effort by

I carry this empathy cheat-sheet in my wallet.

Empathy requires learning, trying, falling flat.

A willingness. A capacity for trying again.

Empathy is a skill set. Five proven steps for connection.


So I draw near the feeler. I keep my mouth shut, my mind open. I let their expression touch on my shared emotion.… Continue reading

What I Read Last Week – On Writing, Suicide Awareness, and Knitting

Blizzard Finches in Apple Tree by Steve Keenan Photography

House Finches congregate in a snow-flocked apple tree. Photo by Steve Keenan.

I woke last Monday to a blizzard, and today I sit in sunshine, windows wide open. I relate to Colorado springtimes. There are mornings I feel depressed, and evenings when I dance in the kitchen. At times I feel connected to people, like I fit in a community, then there are moments I bob in the belief of being unworthy of love and belonging.… Continue reading

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Monday Motto – I Choose Courage – I Let Love In

Monday Mantra - I Choose Courage - I Let Love In by #vulnerability #courage #connection

I once had this friend who would go stiff as a board when I hugged her. She was hard. And I don’t blame her.

We’ve all been hurt, and it makes sense that we want to protect ourselves from future pain, but healthy relationships require vulnerability.

If we wait until we feel safe and calm before we dive in, we may sit on the edge of the pool forever.… Continue reading

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Empowerment in Vulnerability

Empowerment in Vulnerability by #vulnerability #courage #spoonie #selfworth

It’s sometimes scary to admit our feelings and needs, but doing so allows us to live empowered lives. If we try to keep everything in, we may miss chances for connection and healing. We may miss out on help and support.

Sometimes the risk of sharing doesn’t pay off. Sometimes people can’t meet us where we are.… Continue reading

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By Sharing Resources, We Heal Together

By Sharing Resources, We Heal Together by #PTSD #community #spoonie

The day in, day out challenges of living with PTSD, or other health diagnoses, can wear a person down. Symptoms greet us in the morning, and tuck us in at night. Perceptions are altered by trauma or pain, and life looks a little off. It’s hard. It’s really hard!

For those with PTSD, or other long-term health challenges, recovery is less about arrival, and more about resilience.… Continue reading

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Courage is Contagious! The Value of Shared Humanity

Courage is Contagious! The Value of Shared Humanity by #courage #sharedhumanity #vulnerability #authenticity #resilience

This week I was in contact with several people facing difficult times. Awful appointments, trying therapies, and painful procedures. Cringe-worthy conversations, angst-filled anticipation, and some things left unresolved. Whew. Makes me tense just typing all of that. The end of July demanded our resilience, and damn, don’t you just want to rest?… Continue reading

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Make Space For Stories

People carry impossible pains
There are losses that can’t be spoken
My vacancies are occupied in other lives
Yet the spot where I feel full
Remains empty for someone else

To just be aware and able
To tell my own stories
Lay out my own bloody burdens
Is not enough if I cannot
Safeguard that space for others

Empathy quote from Nonviolent Communication

Empathy quote from Nonviolent Communication

I don’t have to match your experiences to see you.… Continue reading

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