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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

Gratitude CollageI’m grateful to have a family that likes to gather for food, drinks, and laughs. I’m grateful for pets that cuddle and comfort. The little things mean so much. When I start to forget how good life is, I open a window, face the sun, and breathe. I seek light. I practice gratitude.… Continue reading

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On Saturdays, We Linger

Garlic and onion, potatoes and bacon, the scents swirl through the house to reach me in the den, where I write.

I’m on my second cup of coffee, sweetened and creamed. Cinnamon floats atop foam.

Though we’ve payed bills and made plans, we’ve not showered or given a damn.

How sweet it is, to share space and love, with an agenda slow as molasses.… Continue reading

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Love’s Echo

I lie in bed with you
My face against your chest
Your heart beats with love
I put there
How grateful I am
You yielded
And met me
In a vulnerable space
So we could build a life

Brené Brown quote on love

Thank you, Steve.

March Prompts Write ALM

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Sharing Resilience

I don’t know how
There’s so much hurt in the world
Balanced on backs
Of individual women
Who are doing all they can
Splitting tooth and nail
To meet the needs of others

I read their stories
I live my own
I sigh

How do we sustain
The heaviness?

We speak
We share
And bear

My pain is lessened
When you’re by my side
As we shoulder together
Resisting the crush

Balanced rocks

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Let Love In

Let Love In by

Simple sounding task. Deceivingly difficult. To let love in, we must lower our guard. Drop our shields. Experience excruciating vulnerability. Risk getting hurt.

We must let love in if we want to heal, grow, and bestow our gifts to connect with others.

Let love in.

A challenging notion. Necessary for a full life.… Continue reading

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The Shame of Failed Relationships

C.G. Jung said, “knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

When things go awry in relationships, I turn inward, letting shame envelop me.

“I always mess up.”
“I don’t understand myself.”
“I am all wrong.”

As I seek healing, I strive to find other points of view and positive reframes.… Continue reading

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Sum It Up

24 hours ago, the phone rang out. Calls in the dark of night- never good.

Spent the day baking. Some days that’s all you can do.

Shoveled the snow as it continued to fall, striking my face in a mocking way.

Dry beans are wicked-cheap because they are an all day affair.… Continue reading

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The Moon For You

When we practice looking for the light in all things, we begin to trust it’s there, even when it’s not shining directly on us. -Sue Krebs

Moon photo by Steven Keenan

It’s been a dreadful week of illness, exhaustion, and loneliness. One of the things bringing me joy during distress is this photo my husband took of the moon on Tuesday.… Continue reading

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