So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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June 29th. That’s the last time I posted here. I feel sad about that. I am self-compassionate about that. My attention’s been elsewhere…

I started a small business! I’m baking allergen-free treats and selling them locally!

It’s been… challenging.

Walking into this vulnerable space has triggered shame feelings. I’ve been hearing you’re not good enough!Continue reading

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The Risks Of and Reasons For Making Vulnerable Requests

The Risks Of and Reasons For Making Vulnerable Requests by #courage #vulnerability

Yesterday was World CP Day, a yearly event where people speak up to raise awareness and understanding of Cerebral Palsy, with a focus on equal rights, access, and opportunities. My youngest son was diagnosed with CP before his first birthday. On World CP Day, I took to Twitter with a series of tweets, informative links, and a request-

The Risks Of and Reasons For Making Vulnerable Requests by


It took five minutes before someone was making fun of my request, and telling me to get thicker skin.… Continue reading

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Tuesday Truth – Your Worth is Intrinsic #StopSuicide

Tuesday Truth - Your Worth Is Intrinsic by #selfworth #selfcompassion #stopsuicide

When you’re lost,
When you’re hurting,
When your feet dangle over the edge, despair nipping at your toes,
Know this-
Your worth is intrinsic.
Your life is valuable.
And you are never truly alone.
Please keep reaching out.
And please stay.

It is National Suicide Prevention Week. Visit Talk Saves Lives for information on talking about suicide.… Continue reading

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Monday Motto – I Choose Courage – I Let Love In

Monday Mantra - I Choose Courage - I Let Love In by #vulnerability #courage #connection

I once had this friend who would go stiff as a board when I hugged her. She was hard. And I don’t blame her.

We’ve all been hurt, and it makes sense that we want to protect ourselves from future pain, but healthy relationships require vulnerability.

If we wait until we feel safe and calm before we dive in, we may sit on the edge of the pool forever.… Continue reading

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Resilience Reminder

Drinking yesterday’s coffee because I don’t feel like making today’s. Honestly, it’s shit.

The days are persistent, and I hate being dragged. Everything feels tedious, even well-worn practices like writing. I’m too weary to hear myself speak.

I saw this Charlotte Brontë quote this morning. It resonated.

Brontë Quote

When I get tired of the fight, it’s important to reflect on why I try so hard.… Continue reading

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A Year of Fear and Writing


My first journal entry

Two days ago I sat to write and fell into tears. Working through difficult things, my hands became conduits of pain. The words grew dark and disgusting. Not wanting to share raw blatherings here, I closed my laptop, and went to Twitter for support. After a few hours of conversing with other writers and friends, I returned to my blog and was able to publish an authentic, yet sanitized post.… Continue reading

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