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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Empathy Takes Education and Effort

Empathy Takes Education and Effort by

I carry this empathy cheat-sheet in my wallet.

Empathy requires learning, trying, falling flat.

A willingness. A capacity for trying again.

Empathy is a skill set. Five proven steps for connection.


So I draw near the feeler. I keep my mouth shut, my mind open. I let their expression touch on my shared emotion.… Continue reading

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Make Space For Stories

People carry impossible pains
There are losses that can’t be spoken
My vacancies are occupied in other lives
Yet the spot where I feel full
Remains empty for someone else

To just be aware and able
To tell my own stories
Lay out my own bloody burdens
Is not enough if I cannot
Safeguard that space for others

Empathy quote from Nonviolent Communication

Empathy quote from Nonviolent Communication

I don’t have to match your experiences to see you.… Continue reading

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Collected – The Early Messages of Shame

Every sigh
Alarmed look
Warning word
Intended as care
Yet reflecting rejection
In a brain set
Against itself
As it was trained to be

Shame begins as a two-person exchange, usually in early childhood, when someone was unable to meet our needs for love and belonging. When we internalize the feeling and learn to use it against ourselves, those early messages of being too much, or not enough, strengthen.… Continue reading

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Healing Side-by-Side

Oh, empathy. I ooze it. Empathy distorts the boundaries of my body, and sometimes I feel blended slightly into other beings. At times I can’t tell where I end and others begin, particularly when people are in pain. I sit close and reach out with a comforting hand. My skin becomes smudged and my heart hurts.… Continue reading

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