So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Gratitude Practice

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

Gratitude CollageI’m grateful to have a family that likes to gather for food, drinks, and laughs. I’m grateful for pets that cuddle and comfort. The little things mean so much. When I start to forget how good life is, I open a window, face the sun, and breathe. I seek light. I practice gratitude.… Continue reading

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Snapshots of Gratitude

open your eyesThe week brought rain and snow and wind and sun. It brought tears and sobs and smiles and laughter. It brought grief and sadness, connection and gladness. It was a full week. Busy days with friends. Slow moments at home. Quiet times alone.  I am grateful.

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The Work Of Gratitude

I wake on a cold, snowy morning, pour boiling water into my cup of creamer rather than the french press, break dishes while putting them away, step on glass, wash away blood in the stream of water leaking from the fridge, add tears to the river, then remember it’s Sunday- the day I write gratitude posts.… Continue reading

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Choosing To See The Good

I sat with coffee and journal this morning, recounting my week. I wrote about my new health diagnosis, my husband’s travels, the pain of uncertainty, the fear of the future. Although the words remained on straight lines, they gradually slanted downward. My mood followed.

Where was the good?

I often resist gratitude.… Continue reading

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

There is no joy without gratitude. -Brené Brown

Cheers to good wine

Good wine, stellar company

cinnamon rolls

Baking for family and friends

reading a good book

A strong cup of coffee and an inspirational book

finished puzzle

A finally-finished puzzle!

animal cuddles

A cuddly excuse to not be productive

cork craft

A bit of fun 🙂


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