So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Angie October 14, 2015 6 Comments Permalink

I Seek You In The Sunrise

When I woke this morning, I reached for my phone, knowing already that you had gone.
I curled up in bed, sharing words with our friends, and let my tears soak the pillow.
I pulled on my old bathrobe and moved to the window.
I lifted the shade and waited for The Hidden Star.… Continue reading

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Angie October 15, 2014 10 Comments Permalink

Evidence Of Longing – A Poem for Lillian

We’d tried for over three years
Then entered an improbable space
Twice we saw her heartbeat
Once we saw her still
It took me awhile to cry

Three years later
To mark the learning of her demise
The cloth which covers my heart
Has slipped
All the grief is spilling out

I can say what I know of pain
How it has changed my life
To learn to accept that which
Just cannot have happened
How could this have happened?… Continue reading

Angie October 13, 2014 9 Comments Permalink

Ritual – Honoring Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Evening falls. Shadows creep from corners. Stillness hovers over home and mind. It’s easier to grieve in darkness.

Hurricanes are lifted. Taper wicks are trimmed. The hiss of the lighter breaks the silence. Flames flicker and dance.

butterfly and candle for pregnancy loss awareness

The mantel is aglow. My heart answers. Warmth reaches into the quiet.

The ritual of October resides above my hearth.… Continue reading

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Angie July 16, 2014 6 Comments Permalink


Winter is sometimes gray and bleak. My heart follows suit, finding an odd comfort in familiar pain. As the first signs of Spring appear, all green-shoots and warm potential, my mind ponders fertility. Tears roll in response.

Endometriosis and infertility have affected my self-worth in a profound way. My body swells as I bleed internally.… Continue reading

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Write The Darkness


When grief eases into your day
As your eyes are fluttering open
And settles heavy like a fog
Over your covers and inside your brain
Write the darkness

When grief arrives as a wave
As you’re looking the other way
And leaps upon your back
Forcing your knees and face to the floor
Write the darkness

When grief takes hold like a fist
As your heart is beginning to soften
And fingers forcefully threaten
To squeeze the very life from your soul
Write the darkness

When grief is the seeming end-all
As you’re certain this time you’ll break
And all hope seems lost
To cope is to reach out and find your pen
Write the darkness, my love
Write the darkness

Write along with me!

Write along with me!

Continue reading

Angie February 9, 2014 6 Comments Permalink

Allowing Pain A Voice

I wanted a bigger family. It’s not likely to happen.

This morning I wrote six poems. Or rather, they wrote me. The words were projected with force onto the laptop, then saved in a folder called “PAIN.”

Allowing Pain a Voice by #infertility #grief

Writing is a practice. It’s a way of moving thoughts from head to paper, and feelings from gut to file.… Continue reading

Angie January 25, 2014 20 Comments Permalink

Wish Upon A Star (For Lillian)

Intentions often aren’t enough
To keep a life-beat here
A skip in natural order
Leaves behind a tear

I knew a little being
And so I held my breath
But all my awe and wonder
Withered with her death

Hold me in your palm-print
Love me from afar
Find me on your heartscape
Wish upon a star

*Welcome to December!… Continue reading

Angie December 7, 2013 2 Comments Permalink

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