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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Maybe Today Will Be Better

Maybe Today Will Be Better -

I rise in starlight
For a moment forgetting
The pains of the day before
When they roll back in
There is a choice-

I go downstairs
Open the windows
Grind coffee beans
Breathe in deep
The smells of my life

It’s vulnerable
To hope for better days
It’s vulnerable
To hold uplifted states
To say- maybe today will be better
Is vulnerable and brave

Fractured – A Complex PTSD Poem

Fractured - A Complex PTSD Poem by #trauma #recovery #poetry #PTSD

A broken teacup
A shattered sense of safety
A fractured sense of self

I glue the first together
It doesn’t hold water
Succulents don’t need much

I drag the second along
To traverse a mis-filtered world
Hoping discomfort desensitizes me

I wear the final like a film
And line my eyes in black
The disconnect lies in the mirror


Further reading:
How Complex PTSD differs from PTSD
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Autumn Renewal

Autumn Renewal poem by

We drove up the mountain on a cool, misty day
I rolled down my window, leaning out like a pup
Wind and rain hit my face
Eyes open to Falling gems
Majestic Season
Nearly Sacred
My heart plumps with gratitude
I baste my life in Autumn renewal

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Some Days

Some days
It has to be enough
To simply breathe
And exist in a tender way
Eating when we’re hungry
Drinking some water
Looking up and around
At our surroundings
Without judgement

To experience today
At one with ourselves
Welcoming rather than condemning

It’s enough
We’re enough

Some Days by

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Now, We Cope

Now, We Cope - A Resilience poem by

Struggling to hold on
Not sure where the strength comes from

A humble collaboration of reaching out
And seeking within- curtsy from the load

Every manner of pain, born by every bone
Encased in skin- clasp pearls and heart

There are times of healing and moving
Recovery seems promised and near

There are times of clinging
Until nails un-bed and knees hit dirt

These are the times we bear
What we cannot bear

Now, we cope


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Love’s Echo

I lie in bed with you
My face against your chest
Your heart beats with love
I put there
How grateful I am
You yielded
And met me
In a vulnerable space
So we could build a life

Brené Brown quote on love

Thank you, Steve.

March Prompts Write ALM

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The Unbroken – A Poem for Endometriosis Awareness

This one’s for The Resilient
The women whose bodies
Endure such pain
And such loss

WE are The Unbroken

The Unbroken - A poem for Endometriosis awareness by #spoonie

This frog inspires me from its perch in the office where I do pelvic floor physical therapy, which helps me fight back against Endometriosis.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Endometriosis affects 176 million women around the world.… Continue reading

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