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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Sharing Resilience

I don’t know how
There’s so much hurt in the world
Balanced on backs
Of individual women
Who are doing all they can
Splitting tooth and nail
To meet the needs of others

I read their stories
I live my own
I sigh

How do we sustain
The heaviness?

We speak
We share
And bear

My pain is lessened
When you’re by my side
As we shoulder together
Resisting the crush

Balanced rocks

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A Spring Poem

Spring flowerMay the season bring renewal
of land
and sense of self

May this time bring reconnection
to earth
and each other

Where skill sets fail
and foresights falter
may intentions see us through

Please see
the light in me
I see the light in you

March Prompts Write ALM

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Lost Words

Within the night
I come alive
Lyrical poems
Slip my lips
Slither down sheets
Curl in my belly
And resonate

My fingers itch
No pen nearby
Heavy eyes
Sleep unfolds
I fall in
When I awake
I’m speechless

Empty journal page

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