So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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During Hard Times, Gather Coping Tools

During Hard Times, Gather Coping Tools by

We’ve all had times like this- inevitable awfulness. It just can’t be avoided. We are humans, in soft shells, existing in a constantly changing and uncontrollable world.

There are things which must simply be endured. Unfixable oncoming storms lap first at our toes, then rise to waists, necks, nostrils. Breathing becomes a job.… Continue reading

Angie May 26, 2015 5 Comments Permalink

Choosing To See The Good

I sat with coffee and journal this morning, recounting my week. I wrote about my new health diagnosis, my husband’s travels, the pain of uncertainty, the fear of the future. Although the words remained on straight lines, they gradually slanted downward. My mood followed.

Where was the good?

I often resist gratitude.… Continue reading

Angie January 24, 2015 2 Comments Permalink

Writing The Monsters

I’ve gone quiet
It’s become too scary to take the stopper out
There are creatures inside and beside
I tried, but now I hide

Writing the monsters is
Sighting the monsters and
Flighting from monsters
Seems best

Tree silhouette
Struggling to share my voice these days. I want to write about things that matter, to me, to you.… Continue reading

Angie September 30, 2014 8 Comments Permalink

Dormant- About My Writing Voice

From the time I was quite young, I recall making up stories in my head and acting out plays in my backyard. I’d swing under the open Kansas sky and imagine flying creatures which painted clouds upon a blue canvas. I’d weave weeds together into jewelry and lord over ladybugs. I’d pack a satchel of snacks, head for the back acre, and wait for the train to come by.… Continue reading

Angie August 23, 2014 8 Comments Permalink

Be Still, You’ve Come So Far – A PTSD Poem

So extreme, oh darling
Were the years of want and need
And the pain
With which you responded

Looking back, record keeper
It stings to count the tallies
For the world
Was an unkind place

Familiar pains, open heart
As you feel your body slip
And the urge
Is for suffering, known

Be still, dear one
For so apparent in these words
Is the truth-
You’ve come so far

You've Come So Far - A PTSD Poem by

There is perhaps no greater way for me to see progress than to read back over old writings.

Continue reading

Angie February 3, 2014 8 Comments Permalink

Breaking Down Permanence

I’ve been feeling the doom of Permanence. Today I took some time to examine that feeling in my art journal. It’s listed as a noun, a state of enduring. Enduring? That sounds like a positive attribute to me. But when I hear “Permanence” in my mind during depression, it doesn’t sound positive.Continue reading

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