So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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The (10 second) Practice of Dropping Judgement

For just a moment, drop judgement. Allow “I should be” and “I shouldn’t be” to fall from your shoulders. Don’t worry. Gravity will hold you. You will not float away!

What’s left, beneath the ruminating, is you- in realtime. Maybe you’re hurting. Dropping judgement won’t take away pain, but it will remove a piece of the struggle.… Continue reading

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The Shame of Failed Relationships

C.G. Jung said, “knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

When things go awry in relationships, I turn inward, letting shame envelop me.

“I always mess up.”
“I don’t understand myself.”
“I am all wrong.”

As I seek healing, I strive to find other points of view and positive reframes.… Continue reading

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I’m Practicing Self-Compassion

I'm Practicing Self-Compassion by

If a friend comes to me broken in defeat, I empathize without much effort, because I, too, am often downtrodden. I listen intently, and try my best to stay out of judgement. I ask what I can do to help. l relay a story of similar feeling. I’m not perfect when relating to others, but I am striving for compassion and empathy, and trying to leave my baggage out of interactions.… Continue reading

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Soften- The Practice Of Self-Compassion

What if
I could lay down my weapons
Drawn in response to fear
And shame
And the notion
Of never being dear

What if
I could link my heart and hand
Open with welcome
And love
And the awareness
Of being home

What if
I could soften into myself
When life seems uncertain
And sit
With discomfort
The way I would with a friend

What if

A self-compassion poem by

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The Known Suffering- Why I Resist Self-Compassion

The Known Suffering - Why I Resist Self-Compassion by #shame #recovery #selfcompassion

It can feel daunting to learn a task so far from your habitual way of living that it seems otherworldly. That’s how self-compassion feels. Otherworldly. But I have to ask, these years of self-loathing… where have they gotten me? Has cutting myself up and down helped? Has berating beautified me? Or have I broken myself to the point that the only thing left is to try something altogether different?… Continue reading

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