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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Maybe Today Will Be Better

Maybe Today Will Be Better -

I rise in starlight
For a moment forgetting
The pains of the day before
When they roll back in
There is a choice-

I go downstairs
Open the windows
Grind coffee beans
Breathe in deep
The smells of my life

It’s vulnerable
To hope for better days
It’s vulnerable
To hold uplifted states
To say- maybe today will be better
Is vulnerable and brave

February Feelings – Vulnerable

February Feelings - Vulnerable -

This month I’m starting my days by drawing a random card from my GROK feelings deck, then sitting down to write about that feeling for you!

Today’s feeling is Vulnerable.

February Feelings - Vulnerable -

The dictionary says vulnerability is being open to attack, or capable of being wounded, and susceptible to hurt. Brené Brown defines vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.… Continue reading

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The Risks Of and Reasons For Making Vulnerable Requests

The Risks Of and Reasons For Making Vulnerable Requests by #courage #vulnerability

Yesterday was World CP Day, a yearly event where people speak up to raise awareness and understanding of Cerebral Palsy, with a focus on equal rights, access, and opportunities. My youngest son was diagnosed with CP before his first birthday. On World CP Day, I took to Twitter with a series of tweets, informative links, and a request-

The Risks Of and Reasons For Making Vulnerable Requests by


It took five minutes before someone was making fun of my request, and telling me to get thicker skin.… Continue reading

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Monday Motto – I Choose Courage – I Let Love In

Monday Mantra - I Choose Courage - I Let Love In by #vulnerability #courage #connection

I once had this friend who would go stiff as a board when I hugged her. She was hard. And I don’t blame her.

We’ve all been hurt, and it makes sense that we want to protect ourselves from future pain, but healthy relationships require vulnerability.

If we wait until we feel safe and calm before we dive in, we may sit on the edge of the pool forever.… Continue reading

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Empowerment in Vulnerability

Empowerment in Vulnerability by #vulnerability #courage #spoonie #selfworth

It’s sometimes scary to admit our feelings and needs, but doing so allows us to live empowered lives. If we try to keep everything in, we may miss chances for connection and healing. We may miss out on help and support.

Sometimes the risk of sharing doesn’t pay off. Sometimes people can’t meet us where we are.… Continue reading

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Let Love In

Let Love In by

Simple sounding task. Deceivingly difficult. To let love in, we must lower our guard. Drop our shields. Experience excruciating vulnerability. Risk getting hurt.

We must let love in if we want to heal, grow, and bestow our gifts to connect with others.

Let love in.

A challenging notion. Necessary for a full life.… Continue reading

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