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Nonviolent Communication Resources

August 20, 2015 | Comments Off on Nonviolent Communication Resources

So Angie Writes - Nonviolent Communication Resource Page

A few years ago I began reading Nonviolent Communication: A Language Of Life with my local book club. I took it slow, reading one chapter a week, while working to integrate what I was learning, and practice new communication skills. The Nonviolent Communication (NVC for short) model consists of observations, feelings, needs, and requests. When we observe our behavior, name our feelings, and identify our needs, we can learn to effectively communicate requests to those around us. We can also learn to hear others, and meet their needs more effectively.

I have found NVC to be an invaluable resource in my shame resilience practice and PTSD recovery because it teaches mindfulness, empathy, and self-compassion aspects.

I am grateful to have found this resource, and am passionate about sharing it. If you are new to NVC, I absolutely suggest you begin by reading the book in the first link below, then adding more resources to support your practice.

Nonviolent Communication: A Language Of Life (book)

The Center for Nonviolent Communication Website

Feelings Inventory PDF

Needs Inventory PDF

So Angie Writes - Coffee and Nonviolent CommunicationI often use GROK cards to sort through my feelings and identify my needs.

GROK cards are an excellent Nonviolent Communication tool and I am excited to affiliate with the company who makes them- GROK The World. When you use the link below to purchase cards, or other communication tools, I receive a small commission, which goes right back into supporting this website. Thanks!

GROK The World Products

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