So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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What I Read Last Week

What I Read Last Week by

Backyard Rabbits by Steve Keenan Photography

I hope your Spring is shaping up nicely. It’s been hard to write on the blog lately, as I struggle with my health. One of the saddest things about mental illness can be the loss of desire, the way the creative call becomes muffled, passions smothered by depressive fog.… Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Update and Writing Resources

Sharing passions by

Today is Day 4 of NaNoWriMo. Yesterday I almost quit. I had been writing 100-200 word sprints for most of the day. My body was hurting and I was tired. By evening, I found myself thinking it was pointless! I couldn’t get a good handle on my characters, had no idea where or when my story was taking place, and my scenes were not flowing into a recognizable arc.… Continue reading

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By Sharing Resources, We Heal Together

By Sharing Resources, We Heal Together by #PTSD #community #spoonie

The day in, day out challenges of living with PTSD, or other health diagnoses, can wear a person down. Symptoms greet us in the morning, and tuck us in at night. Perceptions are altered by trauma or pain, and life looks a little off. It’s hard. It’s really hard!

For those with PTSD, or other long-term health challenges, recovery is less about arrival, and more about resilience.… Continue reading

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Courage is Contagious! The Value of Shared Humanity

Courage is Contagious! The Value of Shared Humanity by #courage #sharedhumanity #vulnerability #authenticity #resilience

This week I was in contact with several people facing difficult times. Awful appointments, trying therapies, and painful procedures. Cringe-worthy conversations, angst-filled anticipation, and some things left unresolved. Whew. Makes me tense just typing all of that. The end of July demanded our resilience, and damn, don’t you just want to rest?… Continue reading

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A Cup Of Tea And A Message

Live To Share

I enjoy the little messages attached to my tea. This one was a reminder to share. We don’t have to share everything, or anything at all, but connection does make the world better to live in. There is a myth of self-sufficiency that fuels a bootstrap mentality. The truth is, we evolved together, as an inter-dependent species.… Continue reading

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My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Recently my friend Brandie asked if I’d be interested in participating in a Blog Tour about the process of writing. I agreed because I like reading, and writing, about writing!

randie from Journey Of 1000 Stitches blog

Brandie writes about her various creative projects, and her resilient life, over on A Journey Of 100 Stitches. I am grateful to know Brandie, and count her as an inspiration in my life.… Continue reading

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