So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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To The Teenagers

To The Teenagers

Hey! I’m grateful to be in connection with you! You’re on the bumpy ramp into adulthood. You exist in rapidly changing brains, feelings, and senses of self. Some of you are in crisis, struggling against oppressive systems, facing challenges, experiencing broken hearts, and simply trying to survive.

I won’t tell you it gets better.… Continue reading

Empathy Takes Education and Effort

Empathy Takes Education and Effort by

I carry this empathy cheat-sheet in my wallet.

Empathy requires learning, trying, falling flat.

A willingness. A capacity for trying again.

Empathy is a skill set. Five proven steps for connection.


So I draw near the feeler. I keep my mouth shut, my mind open. I let their expression touch on my shared emotion.… Continue reading

What I Read Last Week

What I Read Last Week by

Backyard Rabbits by Steve Keenan Photography

I hope your Spring is shaping up nicely. It’s been hard to write on the blog lately, as I struggle with my health. One of the saddest things about mental illness can be the loss of desire, the way the creative call becomes muffled, passions smothered by depressive fog.… Continue reading

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What I Read Last Week – On Writing, Suicide Awareness, and Knitting

Blizzard Finches in Apple Tree by Steve Keenan Photography

House Finches congregate in a snow-flocked apple tree. Photo by Steve Keenan.

I woke last Monday to a blizzard, and today I sit in sunshine, windows wide open. I relate to Colorado springtimes. There are mornings I feel depressed, and evenings when I dance in the kitchen. At times I feel connected to people, like I fit in a community, then there are moments I bob in the belief of being unworthy of love and belonging.… Continue reading

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Deconstructing a Shame Sandwich – A Healthy Choice

Deconstructing a Shame Sandwich - A Healthy Choice by

My oldest Teen is learning to play the piano. Last night I heard a crash upstairs. I found him cradling an injured hand. His keyboard was on the floor, the stand collapsed. Here’s what I heard-

“I’m so stupid. I tried to adjust the stand without removing the keyboard. I can’t believe I’m so stupid!”

I got him an icepack for the squished hand, and tried to think of an empathic way to address the shame message he’d expressed.… Continue reading

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Welcome Autumn – Weekend Update

Welcome Autumn by

Taking some deep breaths of cool Autumn air as I begin this post. Welcome, my favorite time of year!

I recently returned from a weekend intensive offering of The Daring Way, a course I’ve taken a few times before, but never in a large, short-term setting. It was… intense!

Welcome Autumn - Weekend Update by The Daring Way is based on the research and methodology of Brené Brown.… Continue reading

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Tuesday Truth – Your Worth is Intrinsic #StopSuicide

Tuesday Truth - Your Worth Is Intrinsic by #selfworth #selfcompassion #stopsuicide

When you’re lost,
When you’re hurting,
When your feet dangle over the edge, despair nipping at your toes,
Know this-
Your worth is intrinsic.
Your life is valuable.
And you are never truly alone.
Please keep reaching out.
And please stay.

It is National Suicide Prevention Week. Visit Talk Saves Lives for information on talking about suicide.… Continue reading

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