So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

Trauma Recovery – Shame Resilience – Self-Compassion – Coping With Chronic Pain


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What I Read This Week – Posts About Trauma, Chronic Pain, and Intention

I hope you’re finding some beauty in November. My participation in NaNoWriMo is sucking up my time and energy, but I wanted to stop in and share a few posts I enjoyed this week. The list is mostly about chronic pain, but there is one post about how childhood trauma can affect us, and another that’s focused on self-care in the cold months.… Continue reading

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Autumn Renewal

Autumn Renewal poem by

We drove up the mountain on a cool, misty day
I rolled down my window, leaning out like a pup
Wind and rain hit my face
Eyes open to Falling gems
Majestic Season
Nearly Sacred
My heart plumps with gratitude
I baste my life in Autumn renewal

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Welcome Autumn – Weekend Update

Welcome Autumn by

Taking some deep breaths of cool Autumn air as I begin this post. Welcome, my favorite time of year!

I recently returned from a weekend intensive offering of The Daring Way, a course I’ve taken a few times before, but never in a large, short-term setting. It was… intense!

Welcome Autumn - Weekend Update by The Daring Way is based on the research and methodology of Brené Brown.… Continue reading

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Snapshots Of Gratitude

Life can drag me down. Face to my feet, I notice the rocky terrain. When my neck and heart need relief, I look up. There is sky and sunlight. There are clouds and birds, trees and blooms.

Life is tough. I seek joy, so I practice gratitude.

practice gratitude

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Snapshots of Gratitude

open your eyesThe week brought rain and snow and wind and sun. It brought tears and sobs and smiles and laughter. It brought grief and sadness, connection and gladness. It was a full week. Busy days with friends. Slow moments at home. Quiet times alone.  I am grateful.

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