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So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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February Feelings – Hopeful

February Feelings - Hopeful - #NVC

I didn’t sleep much last night, then spent the morning in an intense class about chronic pain. I’m home now, and have a bit of capacity left to dive into today’s GROK card

February Feelings - Hopeful - #NVC

I love Nonviolent Communication, but am also invested in Brené Brown’s teachings, and what she found when she looked into hope, is that it isn’t a feeling at all-

Like most people, I always thought of hope as an emotion-like a warm feeling of optimism and possibility.

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Fractured – A Complex PTSD Poem

Fractured - A Complex PTSD Poem by #trauma #recovery #poetry #PTSD

A broken teacup
A shattered sense of safety
A fractured sense of self

I glue the first together
It doesn’t hold water
Succulents don’t need much

I drag the second along
To traverse a mis-filtered world
Hoping discomfort desensitizes me

I wear the final like a film
And line my eyes in black
The disconnect lies in the mirror


Further reading:
How Complex PTSD differs from PTSD
Heal By Writing About Your Truama

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What I Read This Week

What I Read This Week by

I spend hours each week reading blog posts and articles about mental and physical health. I do this because I’m seeking management of my symptoms, and because I want to learn to help others. Here are links to the best things I read this week:

Negative Emotions are Key to Well-Being  This article by Toni Rodriguez on Scientific American talks about the benefit of feeling all our feelings, and what can happen when we don’t.… Continue reading

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Accessing your Compassionate Voice – Three Chairs Exercise

Accessing your Compassionate Voice - The Three Chairs Exercise by #selfcompassion #selfharm #recovery

A few months ago I attended a Self-Compassion Workshop based on the work of Dr. Kristin Neff. One of the exercises I was guided through was called The Three Chairs, or, The Criticizer, The Criticized, and The Compassionate Observer. While this work is usually done by one person, with one facilitator, and three actual chairs, during the workshop we were asked to stay seated, closing our eyes to visualize the chairs, then writing down our observations.… Continue reading

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We Can Bloom in Difficult Spaces

Yesterday was a good day. My husband is home, taking a week off between work trips. We drove to Mount Evans and hiked the final trail- from the parking lot to the 14, 258 ft. summit. I am so pleased we were able to do this! We went slow and took lots of breaks, dealing with tendonitis, neural tension, and a thin atmosphere.… Continue reading

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