So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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Empathy Takes Education and Effort

Empathy Takes Education and Effort by

I carry this empathy cheat-sheet in my wallet.

Empathy requires learning, trying, falling flat.

A willingness. A capacity for trying again.

Empathy is a skill set. Five proven steps for connection.


So I draw near the feeler. I keep my mouth shut, my mind open. I let their expression touch on my shared emotion.… Continue reading

What I Read Last Week

What I Read Last Week by

Backyard Rabbits by Steve Keenan Photography

I hope your Spring is shaping up nicely. It’s been hard to write on the blog lately, as I struggle with my health. One of the saddest things about mental illness can be the loss of desire, the way the creative call becomes muffled, passions smothered by depressive fog.… Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Update and Writing Resources

Sharing passions by

Today is Day 4 of NaNoWriMo. Yesterday I almost quit. I had been writing 100-200 word sprints for most of the day. My body was hurting and I was tired. By evening, I found myself thinking it was pointless! I couldn’t get a good handle on my characters, had no idea where or when my story was taking place, and my scenes were not flowing into a recognizable arc.… Continue reading

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What I Read This Week

What I Read This Week by

I spend hours each week reading blog posts and articles about mental and physical health. I do this because I’m seeking management of my symptoms, and because I want to learn to help others. Here are links to the best things I read this week:

Negative Emotions are Key to Well-Being  This article by Toni Rodriguez on Scientific American talks about the benefit of feeling all our feelings, and what can happen when we don’t.… Continue reading

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Empowerment in Vulnerability

Empowerment in Vulnerability by #vulnerability #courage #spoonie #selfworth

It’s sometimes scary to admit our feelings and needs, but doing so allows us to live empowered lives. If we try to keep everything in, we may miss chances for connection and healing. We may miss out on help and support.

Sometimes the risk of sharing doesn’t pay off. Sometimes people can’t meet us where we are.… Continue reading

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I am Grateful for Laughter

I am Grateful for Laughter by

I speak and write about feelings. I cry every day. I meet with others to express our struggles. We discuss our diagnoses and our pain management quests. We gripe about our providers, and the finances and tenacity required for any sort of forward movement. We live our vulnerable lives, and we share them.… Continue reading

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Perspective and PTSD – Why it’s Off, and How to Cope

Perspective and PTSD - Why it's Off, and How to Cope by #PTSD #trauma #recovery

DOOM DESCENDS UPON THE CITY!!! or a beetle? Your brain decides.

Mountains out of molehills. Zero to sixty like a Corvette. Glass half empty.

The smallest infraction leads to tears. A slight worry grows to panic. A miserable day masquerades as a ruined life. And a reminder of a painful past event can morph into a full-fledged trauma response.… Continue reading

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