So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

So Angie Writes – Life's A Challenge, So Angie Writes!

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What I Read Last Week – On Writing, Suicide Awareness, and Knitting

Blizzard Finches in Apple Tree by Steve Keenan Photography

House Finches congregate in a snow-flocked apple tree. Photo by Steve Keenan.

I woke last Monday to a blizzard, and today I sit in sunshine, windows wide open. I relate to Colorado springtimes. There are mornings I feel depressed, and evenings when I dance in the kitchen. At times I feel connected to people, like I fit in a community, then there are moments I bob in the belief of being unworthy of love and belonging.… Continue reading


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My writing is by the wayside as I focus on my health. I’m still here, wanting to support you in your recovery journeys and daily lives. For now, I’ll write when able, continue adding to the resources pages, and make these little pictures to share with you. It’s enough. I’m enough.… Continue reading

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What I Read This Week – Posts About Trauma, Chronic Pain, and Intention

I hope you’re finding some beauty in November. My participation in NaNoWriMo is sucking up my time and energy, but I wanted to stop in and share a few posts I enjoyed this week. The list is mostly about chronic pain, but there is one post about how childhood trauma can affect us, and another that’s focused on self-care in the cold months.… Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Update and Writing Resources

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Today is Day 4 of NaNoWriMo. Yesterday I almost quit. I had been writing 100-200 word sprints for most of the day. My body was hurting and I was tired. By evening, I found myself thinking it was pointless! I couldn’t get a good handle on my characters, had no idea where or when my story was taking place, and my scenes were not flowing into a recognizable arc.… Continue reading

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What I Read This Week

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I spend hours each week reading blog posts and articles about mental and physical health. I do this because I’m seeking management of my symptoms, and because I want to learn to help others. Here are links to the best things I read this week:

Negative Emotions are Key to Well-Being  This article by Toni Rodriguez on Scientific American talks about the benefit of feeling all our feelings, and what can happen when we don’t.… Continue reading

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Write to Heal

I wrote nine poems today, none of which fit here. This space is kept somewhat sanitized for twenty or so reasons.

I’m learning to fully feel emotions, letting myself sink on in. I find new awareness in loopy pink letters. I often don’t know what I’m thinking until I see it on paper.… Continue reading

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Resilience Reminder

Drinking yesterday’s coffee because I don’t feel like making today’s. Honestly, it’s shit.

The days are persistent, and I hate being dragged. Everything feels tedious, even well-worn practices like writing. I’m too weary to hear myself speak.

I saw this Charlotte Brontë quote this morning. It resonated.

Brontë Quote

When I get tired of the fight, it’s important to reflect on why I try so hard.… Continue reading

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Lost Words

Within the night
I come alive
Lyrical poems
Slip my lips
Slither down sheets
Curl in my belly
And resonate

My fingers itch
No pen nearby
Heavy eyes
Sleep unfolds
I fall in
When I awake
I’m speechless

Empty journal page

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